• Promoting excellence in public participation in Southern Africa


About IAP2 SA

IAP2 Southern Africa (IAP2 SA) is the regional affiliate of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).

Established in 2011, IAP2 SA is a network of passionate practitioners seeking to raise awareness and standards of public participation in Southern Africa. Our goal is to empower individuals and organisations by offering knowledge resources, training opportunities and platforms for discussion among members throughout the region.

Our mission

IAP2 SA seeks to promote and enhance the practice of public participation in southern Africa by:

  • Creating an understanding of the field of public participation through open dialogue
  • Actively increasing the knowledge base by collating and disseminating information
  • Creating opportunities for professional development
  • Providing accredited training
  • Providing (and reviewing) benchmarks through innovation and research.

IAP2 SA does the above while staying grounded in the southern African context.


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