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IAP2 Certificate in Effective Public Participation

Certificate in Effective Public Participation

IAP2 has worked with practitioners from around the world to develop foundational tools that transcend national and cultural boundaries. The 5-day Certificate Course in Public Participation provides a sound introduction and rich foundation for new and experienced practitioners.

Who should attend?

  • Practitioners and Consultants working in the field of Integrated Environmental Management
  • Decision makers and authorities with responsibility to implement policies, plans, programmes and projects
  • Project Managers in infrastructure development projects
  • Authorities in local, regional and national levels of Government
  • Community Development liaison officials
  • Public relations officials

The full certificate course is made up of three modules (5 training days in total), which can be completed separately or all at once. Module 1 is a prerequisite for all other IAP2 Public Participation Certificate training.


MODULE 1: Planning for Effective Public Participation (2 days)

This module provides an introduction to the foundations of effective public participation. Even advanced practitioners will discover useful tools and techniques. This module is a prerequisite for all other IAP2 Public Participation Certificate training.

At the end of the course you will have learned:

  • Steps needed for planning effective participation, including information, timing, and resources
  • Techniques for defining roles and responsibilities
  • Ways to identify stakeholders
  • How to select the appropriate level of public participation
  • How to set clear, shared objectives for effective participation
  • How to develop a public participation plan
  • How to identify appropriate evaluation tools to measure the effectiveness of public participation.


MODULE 2: Communications for Effective Public Participation (1 day)

This one-day module offers an overview of the communication skills and models used by public participation practitioners. It introduces the Principles of Authentic Communications and focuses on i) presentation of information in a variety of forms, ii) small and large group interaction models, and iii) facilitation essentials.

At the end of the course you will have learned:

  • An understanding of the communication skills needed to support effective public participation
  • An understanding of two-way communication models
  • An understanding of learning styles and how to incorporate these into public participation processes
  • A variety of public participation communication skills including risk communication
  • How to use appropriate communication skills and tools to support effective public participation.


MODULE 3: Techniques for Effective Public Participation (2 days)

This two-day module provides an introduction to practical tools and techniques used at all five levels of IAP2’s Public Participation Spectrum. It gives course participants an opportunity to try out or observe a number of specific techniques, including World Cafe, Interviews, Samoan Circle, Citizens Jury and Advisory Group. Students leave this module armed with a detailed student manual covering the course materials and a packet of IAP2 Tipsheets offering practical advice for selecting, using and evaluating a broad range of public participation activities.

At the end of the course you will have learned:

  • Tools and techniques that can be used at all levels of the IAP2 Spectrum
  • How to use IAP2’s tools and techniques framework for particular situations
  • How to use various techniques with the view to i) promote awareness, ii) foster meaningful discussions, iii) gather feedback, iv) and facilitate agreement

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